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Decompression Bubble Toy 4 pieces (rainbow, purple, blue, white)Adults and Elderly with Anxiety Stress Depression

Decompression Bubble Toy 4 pieces (rainbow, purple, blue, white)Adults and Elderly with Anxiety Stress Depression

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Product Description:


Men’s game set: This 4-piece square bubble fingertip toy is specially designed for men, including 1 rainbow and 3 tie-dye, which can bring more visual experience. Four pieces are more affordable, you can share with your best friends and family, and have more fun.


Better quality: Our square fingertip toys weigh 70-75 grams, while cheaper products only weigh 60-65 grams.


Small and portable: The bubble is small in size and easy to carry. You can play anytime, anywhere. It can help you relax, concentrate and keep your mind clear.


Safe material: Bubble fingertip game toys are made of food-grade silicone, odorless and safe to play. When the toy needs to be cleaned, just rinse it with water.


Multifunctional: It is not only an ordinary toy, but also an educational toy. As an ordinary toy, as long as you press a bubble, it will make a slight popping sound; as an educational toy, it can help children develop their brains and exercise hand-eye coordination.


 The 4-piece square bubble toy is a popular silicone bubble toy for men and boys, and is suitable for ADHD and anxiety.


Features: Designed specifically for men. relieve pressure. Safety material


Specifications: Easy to clean. small volume. Durable and portable. multifunctional.


Material: Food grade silicone.


Shape: square.


Color: rainbow, tie-dye


Unit size: 5*5*0.6 inches.


Weight: 2.64 ounces/unit


Quantity: 4 packs


Game method:


1. Play alone: Push all the bubbles to the other side, then flip over to play again, and enjoy the popping sound.


2. Two-player game: Press in sequence according to the rules agreed by both parties.


3. Multiplayer game: Players use the same bubble blasting toy game, who can blast all bubbles first.


4. Other ways to play: Spin like a gyro on your finger.


5. Use as a pet Frisbee: You throw away the Frisbee, let the dog pick it up, and repeat. Not only can you have fun, but you can also improve your relationship with your pets.


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