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Inflation-Free Boxing set with Punching Bag & Boxing for 5+

Inflation-Free Boxing set with Punching Bag & Boxing for 5+

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Height Adjustment: Suitable for 5+ years old kids, this 6 position adjustable punching bag will grow with your child. With a flexible tube adjustment design, the height of the boxing set will match to the height of your child.

Great Gift Choice: More than just for fun, this boxing set can stimulate your child's various abilities. Helping them unlock their potential while enhance their strength, motor skills, hand eye coordination, and instilling self-confidence.

Multi-play Occasions: without the need for inflation, this punching set allows for easy set up and work in different scenarios. You can take it to various indoor or outdoor places you want, such as boxing gym, park, school or at home, ensuring your child to exercise at will.

Design for Stability: Made from sturdy metal tube, this boxing set guaranteed for long service life without damage. In addition, the loadable base can be filled with 12 lbs of water or 18 lbs of sand for added stability.

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Color Black
Material PE, PU, PVC, ABS, Metal
Item weight 31 lbs
Overall Dimension 14" x 13" x "



-Odorless premium boxing glove is healthy for your child to use
-Inflation-free punching bag allowing you to focus more on your training
-Adjustable fixing holes allow you to easily customize the height to suit your need
-Experience faster and more efficient training with the quick rebound design
-The glove-hanging area can Keep your boxing gloves within reach and organized
-This boxing set is designed to cater to the needs of young boxers aged 5+
-Adjust the height of the punching bag to accommodate different aged kids


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