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PSKJ-001. Smart Bluetooth electric motorcycle / road car / bike cycling sports helmet.

PSKJ-001. Smart Bluetooth electric motorcycle / road car / bike cycling sports helmet.

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The helmet process adopts PC + EPS integrated molding design to improve the safety performance;

Embedded Bluetooth speaker intercom headphones;

Front end of helmet embedded dashcam (camera); gravity sensing magnetic suction sunshade scope

Support for Apple, Android and other systems WIFI App

Embedded LED brake light / left and right turn signal / driving warning light on the front end of the helmet


PSKJ-001. Smart Bluetooth electric motorcycle riding helmet. Suitable for electric motorcycle; bicycle; mountain bike; rock climbing; road car; roller skating car; motorcycle; scooter; roller skating and other outdoor sports ultra-light and comfortable safety helmet.


functional parameter:
Function headlights; Bluetooth voice-controlled bicycle helmet PSKJ-001
Main material: ABS + EPS integrated molding
Head circumference size: M / L 57-61cm
Product color: elegant white; advanced gray; PC optical hd goggles piece. Support the buyers to customize the color
Bluetooth parameters: 5.0 Bluetooth stereo sound; wind protection and noise microphone; stable call; clear navigation; one-key control; convenient and fast
Battery capacity: 3.7V / 500 mAh
Bluetooth transmission: 10M-12M
Speaker: 2x0.5W (sound)
Microphone: -35dB-41dB
Bluetooth mode: BT5.2+BLE4.2 (dual-mode)
Electrical parameters: USB TYPE DC 5V/0.5A
Charging mode: plug-in charging for 3h
Battery life time: 15h
Standby time: 30h
Waterproof grade: IPX 4
Bluetooth communication mode operating system: answer the phone; voice-controlled navigation; MP3-4 music
The strong helmet has high strength and impact resistance; the one-handed dial fixing system on the back of the helmet can easily adjust and tighten the overall fit of the head; and the soft chin cushion improves the comfort of the chin
Has been certified by CE; CPSC / ASTM
Operating system (iOS): Macios Android.

PSKJ-001. Smart Bluetooth headset batch purchase of more than 20 pcs; FOB / China Shenzhen single product price USD24.30/pcs. Support color; style and customization.




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