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SMOROBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

SMOROBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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MSRP: $1,105.28 - $2,400,000.00
$829.96 - $1,790,000.00


AUTOMATIC CORDLESS POOL CLEANER: Just turn it on, place the cordless pool vacuum cleaner in the pool and it will start cleaning until the job is done. Requiring very little user direction, this robotic pool cleaning vacuum is a true set-and-forget robot, suitable for all shapes of inground pools.

EXCEPTIONAL CLEANING PERFORMANCE: Strong power comes from a 7800mAh high-performance battery, 130W suction power and triple smart motors. The wheels of this pool cleaning robot are equipped with scrubbing brushes which can separate adhering dirt and debris from surfaces for easy pick-up. This cordless pool vacuum cleaner boasts over 150 minutes of runtime per charge and can cover up to 2500 sq ft.

EXCELLENT WALL CLIMBING ROBOT: This robot pool cleaner featuring ultra-scrubbing brush wheel drive system, tank track chassis and 130W water pump can easily climb up/down smooth surfaces and do a thorough cleaning job all around the pool, including floor, walls and waterline. This wall climbing robotic pool cleaner can efficiently scrub away organic stains stuck on the walls and waterline, and easily pick up fallen leaves, grit, hair, and algae on the floor.

SMART NAVIGATION & SELF-PARKING: The advanced algorithm allows you to carry out true intelligent path planning in the pool. Compared with traditional random routing, this pool cleaning robot can clean a larger area in the same amount of time. A fast charge ( 2.5 hours ) for 150 minutes of autonomy, which covers up to 2500 sq ft. For easy retrieval, the Tank X1C pool robot parks near the pool wall when its battery is low or after completing a cleaning cycle.

DUAL CLEANING MODES: S mode for a thorough cleaning, including floor, walls and waterline. F mode only cleans the pool floor, great for quick cleaning. Just choose the mode as you need!



Q: Can it clean inclined walls, floor slopes, sundecks (reflection pool) or steps?

A: The TANK X1C pool robot cleans all kinds of pool floor, walls and waterline. But it is unsuitable to clean pool steps, or inclined walls/floor slope > 25°. Neither is it designed to clean sundeck/reflection pool where water depth is less than 1.64ft.


Q: What it the maximum cleaning area of the robot? How long does it take to get my pool cleaned?

A: On a full charge, the swimming pool robot can clean as large pool surface as 2500 ft², with work time up to 2.5 hours. The cleaning efficiency is 1140 ft² per hour.


Q: What does the S and F beside the switch stand for? Is there a quick cleaning option?

A: The device has two cleaning modes for you to select according to your time schedule and pool cleanliness.  

    S-mode: full clean (walls+waterline+floor)

    F-mode: quick clean (floor-only)


Q: What should I do if the device stops running and the red lights on both sides are on?

A: It indicates "Cleaning Needed". It's suggested that you inspect the rollers and treads of the robot for obstruction (e.g. gravel, a loose screw), rinse with a water hose, or remove the treads for thorough cleaning.


Q: Why doesn't the robot climb walls?

A: 1. Make sure the battery has sufficient power (no less than 70%).

    2. Please select S mode before cleaning.

    3. Walls too slippery such as glass, metal, and wet large tiles, will make it impossible for the robot to climb the wall.


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